Dot Connector Consulting, LLC delivers affordable marketing solutions to small business owners and entrepreneurs. You’ve put so much effort into building your business. Are you attracting the customers and clients you want? Unsure about how to take your business to the next level? With guidance and support, a marketing coach can help you grow your small business into the business you envision.

What’s a Marketing Coach?

A marketing coach can help you pinpoint your business’s challenges, develop steps to solve them, and then you take action. Marketing coaching empowers business owners and entrepreneurs to be accountable, control costs, and achieve quantifiable results. We're here to answer your questions and give practical recommendations to achieve goals.

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Dot Connector Consulting provides guidance and support. We help you connect the dots that are necessary to see your business’s big picture. Depending on the type of coaching package that works for your business, you get a little, quite-a-bit, or a lot of marketing support. Take charge of your marketing to control costs and get better results.

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Connecting the Dots

Connecting the Dots is a marketing blog for small business owners, independent professionals and entrepreneurs who are do-it-yourself marketers. This blog shares insightful marketing articles, executable marketing ideas, and useful tools that can help you save time and money. Subscribe today and discover how to make the most of your marketing!

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The Mission

The mission is for small and growing businesses with limited budgets to have access to professional marketing services by delivering solutions that control costs and drive better results.


Marketing you can trust.

A marketing coach spends time listening to the ideas, feedback and thoughts of their clients. It’s about connecting dots and seeing the big picture. It is our job to incorporate that information into the decisions and plans for your business. Dot Connector Consulting offers a 100% refund if you are unhappy with the advice given and the results it yields (provided you have done the things that we advised you to do). Why offer a 100% refund? I am 100% confident that marketing coaching is worth the investment.